Take part in our LARGEST BLANKET for the GWR

Are you a crochet addict? Do you enjoy fiber art and yarn bombing? Do you want to take part in an increbible feat?

Join us: we will make the largest crochet blanket of the world and we will enter the Guinness Book of World Records!

Entering the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest crochet blanket, this is the incredible event planned by the fiber artist Luisa De Santi together with Trieste's Picknitartcafe group.

It's a real challenge: the association will try to beat the previous world record of  464,64 m².

The Picknitartcafe crew is calling out for cooperation all crochet lovers, artists, designers, schools, shops, yarn bombers etc.

The goal is an incredible yarn bombing installation: we will meet in the famous Piazza Unitàd'Italia in Trieste and we will put together the patches finishing the blanket!

At the end of the event the patches will be put up for auction and the proceeds will be donated to AISM Trieste (our local association to help SM patients).

technical sponsor: Coats Cucirini
partners: Misshobby, Biolife SuperBioMercato TS

Want to join the crew?

Register and join our team.

Make your patch, cm. 50X50 or 25x150 (only crochet, other techniques are not admitted)

Send a mail to info@picknitartcafe and we will tell you the details for sending your patch!

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